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Creative Ways to Not Grow Your Social Following

grow your social following
With social media ranking high next to content, it’s no wonder everyone is pushing for more and more followers. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs believe you can measure the success of a social account by the number of followers you can stack. Wrong. Here are some principles you may be following that are not going to grow your social following.


Want to not grow your Facebook at all? Great! Keep sharing posts once a month or less and only post your own content. No one wants to see anyone but you, of course, that’s why they liked your page. If you do by some magic gain engagement from friends or family that happen to stumble upon your page, DO NOT respond. These little tidbits will start you on your downward spiral quickly.


Let’s get those post hashtags ready! Did you know you can squeeze 60 hashtags into a post? Yep! If you’re not doing it now then you better start. Nothing is more appealing than seeing 60 hashtags on a post, which Instagram loves by the way. Not getting good engagement so someone suggested an auto like and comment bot? GREAT IDEA! Why has no one ever thought of this? Oh, wait.


Do you know what users on Twitter like more than anything? Quote tweeting in a long discussion. Why would you need to use the reply function? Make sure you also start retweeting random posts by the hundreds instead of scheduling them out. Everyone loves their feed full of junk they don’t want to see. Another great option to look into is an auto-response thanks for following followed by 10 other messages no one wants to see.


Everyone woman(and some men) love using Pinterest for almost everything in their lives. Want to know the secret for really boosting your brand on Pinterest? Pinning pins that are totally irrelevant to your brand. Let’s say you are a painter, make sure you’re pinning things about pets. Nothing says follow me like step out of your niche.

Though these are just a few quick examples of how not to grow your social following, there are plenty more out there. Do you feel a little sheepish about using some of these tactics? The best way to avoid common mistakes like these is to invest in social media consulting. Signing up for a free 30-minute consultation may be all you need to really boost your brand to the next level. Interested? Snag an appointment with me to get started!

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